What we offer

With a variety of options to suit your needs, Pro Canning is a fast and affordable way to package your products.

Mobile canning ○ Quality control

Our Counter Pressure Filling System utilises technology only in large rotary systems and scales it down to an affordable canning line. To maintain a quality fill our machinery features CO2 Pre-Purge, Integrated Snift, full control of the filling cycle, under lid gassing and pump powered product storage tank to increase tank pressure to keep beverages in solution at higher carbonation levels. 

  • Fastest canning speeds of up to 55 cans per minute
  • Fully automated filling and packaging technology
  • Delivering high quality cans in six different sizes and shapes all with 202 size ends
    Classic 330ml, 355ml, 375ml, 500ml Sleek 330ml, 355ml
  • Carbonated and still beverages
  • In-line fully customizable batch and date coding
  • In-line labeling options
  • In-line CIP and sanitation
  • Seam inspection reports
  • Flexible machinery sizing to ensure we safely fit into even the smallest brew houses

Packaging ○ Labelling ○ Date Coding

Pro Canning offers more than simply packaging your beverages, with an expert overseeing the entire project to assist with the sourcing of cans, labels and accessories, including six and four pack holders.

  • Ability to provide can carriers, card board trays, and cases
  • Can end options from 202 Super End, coloured ends and tabs, vented and full aperture ends
  • Optional depalletiser
  • Optional twist rinse sanitising
  • In-line applications and sourcing of labels
  • Date and batch coding
orora coloured lids.png


Material Storage

We are able to provide a secure and sanitised storage of your canning goods ranging from a wide variety of goods needed throughout the canning process, including:

  • packing clips
  • cans
  • lids
  • labels